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Friday, July 11, 2008

Always on some silly project

I was intrigued with the idea of a "premium pen" when I encountered the store in the mall of america dedicated to the concept. Debaters are generally particular about their pens, but I don't know anyone who requires anything more "primo" than that which can be purchased at staples.

I was a little too worried that I would like the $200 Mont Blanc pens too much, so I decided not to try them out. However, I have since wondered whether the experience is truly different.

Well thanks to some real men or women of genius, I am now going to try to upgrade my pen experience on the cheap.

UPDATE: upon reading the comments on the linked page, it looks like doing this to a retractable pen risks the ink drying out too fast. Luckily Pilot sells a capped version of the g2 as well, though I'm not sure if its as ubiquitous as the G2
|| Ryan Ricard, 5:03 PM


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